Porcelain Slabs in GTA Homes

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If you’re looking for a strong and low maintenance countertop, porcelain slabs in  GTA homes are a great choice. Porcelain slabs make for delicate-looking countertop or wall design.

How Porcelain is Used

Use the word "porcelain” and most people think of delicate collectibles and the fine china they pull out for special occasions. The reasons why porcelain is perfect for thin china are also the reasons why it’s perfect for countertops and other uses around the house. According to Wikipedia, porcelain is strong, hard, resists chemicals, and is stain-resistant due to its low permeability.
Porcelain usually conjures up thoughts of the bathroom. Rightly so, since it has been used for chamber pots, also known as bourdaloues, since the late 17th century. Its nonporous nature means less staining and a more hygienic surface. Don’t get stuck in the 17th century though, porcelain slabs and all their benefits have moved into the kitchen and other rooms across the GTA. You can use porcelain slabs to decorate walls and create backsplashes, ceilings, vanity tops, tables, and countertops. Anywhere you would use granite, marble, and other stones, you can use porcelain instead. After all, if porcelain is good enough to decorate the Royal Palace of Madrid, the Porcelain Tower of Nanjing, and other historic sites around the world, it’s good enough to make your list of possible renovation materials.
You can even use porcelain inside of boats and other places where weight is a concern.

The Benefits of Porcelain

Beautiful, clean porcelain offers many advantages over natural stone. One of the greatest benefits is that you don’t have to seal the porcelain every year or two. It’s even easier to wipe clean than most other materials. If you’re worried about remembering when to seal your counter, porcelain may be the low maintenance option you need.
You’ll also use less grout since porcelain is lighter than other options. In fact, you can often install it right over your existing countertops, floors, and walls. It’s a convenient, quick option.
For people who like consistent patterns and colours, porcelain can offer that consistency. Natural stone may draw attention from other features in the room or cause you too much worry about damage to be comfortable using the area. Porcelain is available in many colours so it’s easy to colour-match your current décor.
Finally, porcelain also resists heat and will not discolour over time.

Cleaning Porcelain Countertops

For porcelain tiles and flooring, you need to sweep it on a regular basis so the dust and dirt don’t get in and scratch it over time.
Use warm water and a soft mop to clean your porcelain. If it’s a tough cleaning job, a ceramic and porcelain cleaner should take care of the dirt. Never use bleach, abrasive cleaners, or acidic cleaners since they can damage your grout.
You can use a ceramic and porcelain cleaner for every day cleaning on countertops and other surfaces, although a pH-balanced cleaner should do the trick. Whenever you’re cleaning porcelain tiles, remember that some cleaners may damage the grout. Look for one with a grout protector to help keep your grout looking great.
If you’re looking for a strong, low maintenance countertop, porcelain slabs are a great choice for GTA homeowners.